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bullet Monk
22 Dec : 05:31PM
For dayz check this out, better fps
bullet odogg
22 Dec : 04:29PM
i want the snow and lights to break.. wtf?
bullet Treatr
22 Dec : 07:25AM
Sounds good Monks
bullet Monk
22 Dec : 12:19AM
Thanks for the donation McSpooky, greatly appreciated bro by everyone.
bullet Monk
21 Dec : 03:44PM
Took the Insurgency server back down. Too many problems with that. I found a guide that shows how to run it off of your own machine. Will try that, supposedly easier to run since you have 100% access to all server files.
bullet Treatr
21 Dec : 08:21AM
bullet Monk
20 Dec : 08:43PM
Don't have the scratch for give aways this year but we can have a few good gaming nights. Drunk gaming nights, lol. I have the DOD:S and Insurgency servers up. The last server for insurgency was fucked, of course form a cheapo pla from agmeservers. A good one is up now and the DOD:S server is up. I have to redo all the admin shit. I will be knocking that shit out today. Funny thing about the DODS is, it was supposed to go down today. I put a ticket in late last night for them not to cancel the server and take it down. 5 minutes after I put the ticket in the server went down, while me and 5 others were in there. Funny. I just have to reinstall the maps and mods.
bullet Mr_Wrong
20 Dec : 06:03AM
There is also a 4 pack for $$15.74 if that many people want to get and a save a few more pennies
bullet Mr_Wrong
20 Dec : 06:02AM
Insurgency is $4.50 for the next 12 hours on Steam. Get it while its hot.
bullet Monk
19 Dec : 05:09PM
the Experimental is now the Stable. I will be DayZing it tonight, I will be a flesheater. bring it fleshbags

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