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bullet Treatr
27 Feb : 11:01PM
I'm up there in the satellite station.
bullet Monk
27 Feb : 09:46PM
Got a tent going up by tizzy
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
24 Feb : 11:29PM
so I put a wolf pelt in my hands today in Dayz. look what happen.
bullet DeadlyBlondeChic
24 Feb : 02:54PM
I'm in For BC2
bullet Monk
24 Feb : 02:16PM
Some BC2 tonight? Bring beers
bullet Monk
19 Feb : 09:46PM
DOD:S server going down on 3/6. Maybe we can keep the BFBC2 server going for a couple of months. Was fun.
bullet Monk
18 Feb : 11:37PM
Very soon
bullet DeadlyBlondeChic
18 Feb : 11:35PM
What time are we drinking tonight

bullet Jinxxer
18 Feb : 08:00PM
Got it! Thanks Gonzo!!
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
18 Feb : 07:48PM
type [MM] into the search

MM Servers
Going Down 3/6

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