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bullet Treatr
25 Aug : 09:09PM
Happy Birthday Monk!!
bullet W4yneO
25 Aug : 08:53PM
Happy birthday bro!!
bullet satanslittlehe1p
25 Aug : 08:31PM
~LINK~ Happy freakin birthday Monk!
bullet Beanie
25 Aug : 07:19PM
happy birthday monk!
bullet Monk
25 Aug : 04:12PM
Thanks man
25 Aug : 12:10PM
Happy Birthday bro. monk Hope you get nice things.
bullet donna
25 Aug : 08:15AM
Thanks duke bu he stil won't let me buy it for him lol
bullet Duke
25 Aug : 05:30AM
Hi Donna. It's Battlefield 1.
bullet donna
25 Aug : 02:29AM
Hi this is Donna. I wrote earlier but Monk deleted it. Today is Monk's birthday and he won't tell me what game he likes so I can buy it for him. HELP!!! I don't know anything about these games. He talked about pre ordering a pc game but I don't know the name of it.
bullet Monk
24 Aug : 11:55PM
Talk about a broken game. These dudes are going to get sued for sure.
bullet Monk
24 Aug : 10:41PM
A good way to tell is GSP's had beta servers for BF3 and BF4 up to test their hardware to see what they are going to charge customers depending on the demands. There has been no talk about that at all. Beta is in 7 days. We shall see. If so, I am not very happy about that. One less feature PC gamers will have. It is almost like they are trying to just release one game version for all platforms. Like they are going to screw PC to conform to console limitations. Remember when there used to be PC exclusives? Everything comes down to the $. First they take away modding and now rentable servers. WTF.
bullet W4yneO
24 Aug : 05:54PM
I've asked about servers on the battlefield Facebook page as well as called them a few different times no one can confirm or deny the rumors. Not looking good.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
24 Aug : 01:38PM
its because they added Premium with it. I got the deluxe.... so prem might be 80 to 100Bux more. ...
bullet Monk
24 Aug : 11:24AM
BF1 Ultimate Edition $130 pfffftttt
bullet Duke
23 Aug : 10:44PM
bullet Monk
23 Aug : 10:42PM
It's going to kill quite a number of communities.
bullet Mr_Wrong
23 Aug : 09:15PM
They dont want people to have their own servers so they can have them all be the same and not have custom settings on some servers. I they they stated that when Battlefront came out. It wouldnt surprise me if they want to do the same thing with BF1. They want it so you get the same experience no matter what sever you play on.
bullet W4yneO
23 Aug : 08:56PM
I've got to stop doing speach to text on my phone hahaa
bullet W4yneO
23 Aug : 08:09PM
If they don't allow PC Gamers to rent server is it seems to me that they are trying to pull people from the Call of Duty fan base. I don't think I'm even going to buy it if we can have our own server.
bullet Treatr
23 Aug : 02:15PM
Dang. Doesn't look good for clans. We will figure it out.
bullet Duke
23 Aug : 01:40AM
bullet Monk
22 Aug : 09:44PM
Read from my post and the next couple of pages. That Darklord dude just left DICE so he might be letting out a little truth there.
bullet W4yneO
22 Aug : 09:22PM
No server rental Whar is this COD. That's stupid!!!!
bullet Treatr
22 Aug : 04:46PM
I guess the only other way would be to join off of friends. Populate that way. We shall see.
bullet Monk
22 Aug : 02:36PM
Rumors are flying. Supposedly no rentable servers for BF1. dedicated but from DICE. If so, that is a huge disappointment. Play in servers with a bunch of asshats and douchebags with no means to get rid of them. Awesome.



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