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bullet Duke
30 Apr : 07:31AM
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
29 Apr : 08:57PM
puts your platoon logo on the flags you capped. .
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
29 Apr : 08:56PM
new BF1 Update ~LINK~
bullet Mr_Wrong
29 Apr : 05:27PM
New Stone Sour ~LINK~
bullet Duke
28 Apr : 06:51PM
You can take me to court in Canada. I'll pay you in Canadian money. So what's that? like a buck fifty?
bullet W4yneO
28 Apr : 05:44PM
The way To Gunner revived u in I mean
bullet W4yneO
28 Apr : 05:43PM
I believe the word Gonzo is looking for is harassment. Unless Duke assumed the same position he revived you in without your consent that would not equate to assault.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
28 Apr : 07:33AM
In the work place duke that would be sexual assault, and I could take you to court in Canada!
bullet Duke
28 Apr : 05:56AM
Here is a poem for you Gonz.

Roses are Red
Gonzo is gay
bullet W4yneO
27 Apr : 09:20PM
I can rest easy now. Ty.

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