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bullet Duke
25 Oct : 04:56PM
bullet Treatr
25 Oct : 02:10PM
Solid Gaming SSD for $70 bucks 275 GB.
bullet deadmeat
25 Oct : 06:13AM
hahaha, I bought her bf1! that's yuuuuge!
bullet Monk
24 Oct : 07:21PM
Happy B Day Beanie. Make deadmeat do something for you, he's a slacker
bullet Monk
24 Oct : 10:56AM
The single player is pretty damn good
bullet Monk
24 Oct : 09:35AM
bullet W4yneO
24 Oct : 08:42AM
How's bf1s other maps?
bullet Monk
24 Oct : 08:32AM
Walking Dead was some serious shit last night. Kind of gruesome, the one death was anyway. Crazy.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
24 Oct : 03:34AM
wtf i checked my bf1 before work and I am a rank 0. if that is the case I am going to be super pissed.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
24 Oct : 03:28AM
update just released for BF1
bullet Monk
23 Oct : 05:44PM
For Duke
bullet Monk
23 Oct : 03:01PM
Plus the talking dead is going to have 11 cast members and the producers on.
bullet Mr_Wrong
23 Oct : 02:35PM
New Season of The Walking Dead starts tonight. From the trailer it looks like things are gonna get crazy. ~LINK~
bullet Monk
22 Oct : 08:24PM
That is a gimmick W4yneo, the fuck is Nintendo thinking
bullet Duke
22 Oct : 01:52PM
Go throw the shit at his house
bullet W4yneO
22 Oct : 01:07AM
bullet Monk
22 Oct : 01:03AM
pretty much
bullet W4yneO
21 Oct : 11:54PM
~LINK~ this him Monk?
21 Oct : 07:12PM
WTF no tools back! That's pretty shitty.
bullet Monk
21 Oct : 03:41PM
It shows joethebald online in Origin
bullet Monk
21 Oct : 03:34PM
Check this out. Remember I told someone came in our house a stole bunch of my tools? They caught this dude. Now, who ever did it left my fence open and when Donna and I went out back there was a pile of shit there. I thought it was dog shit because people let their dogs run up the side street right next to my house and shit all over the place so I though that's what it was. Donna said it looks like human shit. I said no way. It was human shit. The guy they caught is a junkie and a lot houses he robbed he took a shit in there. He shit in some guys basement that he robbed. The dude is 21 and lives 2 blocks up the street. No luck so far in recovering anything of mine yet. The dude is not cooperating
bullet Treatr
21 Oct : 12:00AM
BF1 is LIVE!!
bullet Monk
20 Oct : 10:08PM
The new COD is having beta weekend this weekend. BF1 will crush it.
bullet Treatr
20 Oct : 07:06PM
T -4:54 minutes
till LAUNCH!
bullet Treatr
20 Oct : 05:40PM
Pre-loaded and ready to rock.



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BF1 Servers Bullshit Announcement

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BF1 New Gameplay and Info

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BF1 Servers?

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Posted by Monk on Sunday 09 October 2016 - 00:00:30AM
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