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bullet Monk
06 Dec : 03:07PM
Day of Defeat Source 20 man is up and alive in a few minutes
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
04 Dec : 01:13PM
14 grand for intel 20 core processor.
bullet Mr_Wrong
03 Dec : 12:44PM
New Battlefront next fall ~LINK~
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
02 Dec : 10:04PM
huge dayz exp update ~LINK~

he jumps.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
02 Dec : 09:14PM
its friday night Ive waited 4 hrs no one has come on to play.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
02 Dec : 07:50PM
most cops to ever crash. haha ~LINK~
bullet W4yneO
02 Dec : 07:25PM
Haha treat! Old girl in the cowboy boots definitely pissed her pants. I can't believe that, imagine if they would have ran over some buddies kid acting like retards like that SMH
bullet Monk
02 Dec : 05:42PM
The guy trying to get away gets obliterated with the light post. Brutal ~LINK~
bullet Monk
02 Dec : 05:29PM
WTF, who would ruin their car like that? Their shit is fucked up. Hahaha, entertaining though.
bullet Treatr
02 Dec : 04:44PM
Watch the whole video laughs ~LINK~
bullet Monk
02 Dec : 02:12PM
bullet Treatr
02 Dec : 12:44PM
Creative sale ~LINK~
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
02 Dec : 09:31AM
lol.. that still happens?
bullet Mr_Wrong
01 Dec : 07:28PM
Gonzo that makes it sound like you have a few copies that "fell off the back of a truck" lol
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
01 Dec : 07:01PM
is there still any MM players that don't have BF1.. that want it? contact me.
bullet Monk
01 Dec : 05:20PM
10gb arma3 update
bullet Monk
29 Nov : 06:56PM
Duke Pfffttttttt
bullet TheBloodyDevil
28 Nov : 09:30PM

Deadmeat what did you do......
bullet TheBloodyDevil
28 Nov : 09:23PM
W4yne0 if i didnt need a car i would have hit this deer last night
bullet W4yneO
28 Nov : 07:36PM
I got a button buck last week. Named him jerky.
bullet Duke
28 Nov : 05:49PM
bullet Duke
28 Nov : 05:48PM
bullet Monk
28 Nov : 02:45PM
New Nvidia driver. 376.09
bullet Mr_Wrong
26 Nov : 07:19PM
Haven't seen a thing all week. The weather has been weird here and the deer aren't moving much.
bullet W4yneO
25 Nov : 11:53PM
Haha oooo you and me both! Any luck yet?

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