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bullet Duke
29 Jun : 05:52PM
bullet Treatr
29 Jun : 03:16PM
BF1 plays great on my 770 GTX.
bullet Monk
29 Jun : 03:03PM
bullet Monk
29 Jun : 03:02PM
Cool. As long as you signed up for the Battlefield Insider you have a chance to get an invite. Says they are slowly rolling them out
bullet Treatr
29 Jun : 01:38PM
No joke here. Got Battlefield I Closed Alpha today via email invite. Downloading now...
bullet Mr_Wrong
27 Jun : 07:29PM
No more battlelog for BF4 ~LINK~
bullet Mr_Wrong
27 Jun : 06:54PM
Did you tell them to taste your pee W4yneO?
bullet W4yneO
27 Jun : 06:49PM
Cable company says I should be getting 200M down for the price I pay per month. They have yet to install fiber in this area so for now I pay the same price for 35 down / 6 up? wtf
bullet Monk
27 Jun : 05:01PM
BF1 will be 60hz tickrate servers minimal on release
bullet Duke
27 Jun : 04:40PM
I don't that I would value that dude's opinion on metal music.
bullet Monk
27 Jun : 04:20PM
bullet Monk
27 Jun : 03:57PM
Thank you Nutey, thanks for the kind words. It means a lot.
bullet Monk
27 Jun : 03:56PM
Thanks for the donation solitude, much appreciated.
bullet Monk
26 Jun : 05:02PM
Did anyone buy anything yet on the Steam sale? Just curios
bullet Monk
26 Jun : 02:37PM
The hell you didn't
bullet W4yneO
26 Jun : 10:25AM
I didn't fall asleep last night.
bullet Monk
25 Jun : 04:31PM
Site email fixed. Just some SMTP server bullshit.
bullet Monk
25 Jun : 12:23PM
Hey Solitude, I see you put in an app. The site email system is apparently is not working right. I will fix it just been really busy the past week or so. Just letting you know we are not ignoring you.
bullet Mr_Wrong
23 Jun : 01:55PM
Steam summer sale has started. Stock up on games while they are cheap.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
23 Jun : 04:06AM
W4yneO I could listen to you bitch all day long.. brightens my day.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
23 Jun : 04:05AM
Take all the time you need. We aren't going anywhere!~. but we sure do miss you!
bullet Duke
22 Jun : 11:03PM
I knew he'd miss us. I knew it. Pay up Gonzo, I told you.
bullet Monk
22 Jun : 09:26PM
What's up MM Brethren. I fucking miss you guys. I keep floating around just a little hard to come in and socialize. Be on soon
bullet Duke
21 Jun : 02:32PM
Hope you both are doing as well as can be expected.
bullet Monk
21 Jun : 12:52AM
Hey everyone. Services Friday. See you guys soon



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