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bullet Monk
26 May : 12:37PM
Gunmaster is on the server, all gunmaster until later
bullet W4yneO
26 May : 12:44AM
Nice link Monk! Even though the name says it all, People often forget what Memorial day is all about. Thank You to all of the Men and Women in uniform!
bullet Monk
24 May : 02:23PM
Day Of Defeat Source server is back, for the time being. It is that deal where I can switch it to whatever we want. I keep it for a couple of months.
bullet Monk
24 May : 02:22PM
bullet Duke
24 May : 02:13PM
Nobody rages in BF4!
bullet Monk
23 May : 01:10PM
Awesome, can't wait. I am really digging BF4 again. Except for last night when I was raging haha
bullet Mr_Wrong
23 May : 12:38PM
Spring patch release date has been announced May 26th
bullet W4yneO
22 May : 11:06PM
that propane gun is so badass!
bullet Monk
22 May : 07:57PM
That was good except for that dumbass fist bump in the middle, lol. Sounds good because they have the track playing in the back.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
22 May : 07:15AM
voice of the souls ~LINK~

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