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bullet Monk
25 Jul : 10:10PM
Good your feeling better dude.
bullet Treatr
25 Jul : 02:30PM
~LINK~ 1060
bullet W4yneO
25 Jul : 01:56PM
I'm back, I saw a bear. Nothing else to report. Hope all is well.
24 Jul : 07:11PM
bullet Treatr
24 Jul : 05:08PM
I'm alive and doing better! I've been really sick since Sat night last week with what I thought was a summer flu virus that was going around. After battling 102+ temps til Wed morning I decided to go the doctor. Turns out I had a small amount of pneumonia in my left lung and both of my kidneys here infected and severely swollen. After coming home from the doctors my temp hit as high as 103. I've lost about 15 lbs. since Mon alone. Now that I feel a lot more stable, I should be able to sit an play. The pain in my back from my kidneys was unlike anything I've ever gone through. Laying in bed I was always thinking about getting online and posting but I didn't have the strength until today. Hope to see you guys soon. TREAT
bullet Monk
24 Jul : 04:06PM
bullet Monk
23 Jul : 07:31PM
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
22 Jul : 08:52PM
Trump in Homealone 2 ~LINK~
bullet Duke
22 Jul : 03:20PM
That's what I picture you woulda done to that guy at your door.
bullet Monk
21 Jul : 11:37PM
Fuck yeah. Watch how he kills them

bullet Duke
20 Jul : 04:36PM
That dude was high as f*ck. Blamed Pokemon. haha. I wonder if it worked.
bullet Monk
20 Jul : 12:37PM
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
18 Jul : 06:47PM
unlimited apples in dayz ~LINK~
bullet Monk
18 Jul : 02:56PM
bullet W4yneO
17 Jul : 11:18PM
That looks awesome!!

bullet Crazy4Gonzo
17 Jul : 07:33AM
day of war make your own maps. ~LINK~
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
17 Jul : 07:29AM
days of war looks like a remake of dod Source.
bullet Crazy4Gonzo
17 Jul : 07:23AM
game of thrones theme song with old computer parts. ~LINK~
bullet W4yneO
16 Jul : 05:51PM
I'll check again tonight and see what happens Monk. You guys see the improved 7 days to die on PC. ~LINK~
bullet Monk
16 Jul : 11:10AM
I got the fast downloads working on the DOD server. We need to do this shit! Wayneo, is it telling you any errors bro?
bullet Monk
16 Jul : 10:06AM
New DOD:S type game in the works

15 Jul : 10:46PM
Nobody Home
bullet Treatr
15 Jul : 01:49PM
Battlefield TV Show. Big time.
bullet Monk
14 Jul : 06:46PM
This one Pun
14 Jul : 05:55PM
what the hell happen? lol



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